"The ones I have are about 19 years old. Frankly, I think they will last for the rest of my lifetime, at least"

Irmelin W. Krogsæther, Norway.

Equimat is "The Original" Interlocking Stable Mat.

We are the leading matting supplier to horse owners and riders in the UK and Europe, with a history spanning 30 years.

Our range includes mats for stable floors, walls, horseboxes, trailers, yards, washrooms, gateways, field shelters and temporary stables.


But what makes Equimat the premier equestrian matting brand and why should you buy them?

Equimat are unique. We use a complex mix of Rubber and EVA, making a superior product in terms of weight, durability, and most importantly horse protection.

  • As durable as rubber yet still light enough to manage and lift.

  • Much harder wearing than lower priced EVA mats. 

  • Longer Lasting and offer fantastic value over many years.

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E-mail: info@daviesodell.co.uk


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