About Equimat

What makes an Equimat better than a lower cost EVA alternative?

While an EVA only mat seems a good price, soft enough, and fairly light, We don’t think they are suitable for stable floors.

Simply put, the air bubbles inside either pop or puncture over a relatively short time.

This makes the mat spread, lift and change shape. The result? Mats that don’t fit, have large gaps and are an issue.

Here at Equimat we use a clever formulation that takes the best elements from EVA (lightness) and the best from rubber (strength and longevity) and mix them together. This creates a mat that still has the soft cushioning, but the elastomer (rubber) element gives massive integral strength, comfort and the ability to spring back.

Simply put, they are light enough to manage, strong enough to last, and create the perfect stable floor for your horse.