Fitting Stable Floor Mats

You will need:
Sharp knife
Steel metre rule/straight piece of wood
Tape measure
Piece of chalk/marker pen

Design Features - Equimat - Interlocking


How to fit: Start fitting the mats from the doorway working towards the back and one side of the stable (so any cuts will be in these areas). When you have laid as many whole mats as you can then it’s time to start measuring and cutting.  
You can fit your mats snug to the wall but please be aware that they can expand and spread (the mats will lift) and you will need to trim them if this happens. We recommend leaving a slight gap (anywhere from ½ ̎ to 1̎ between the edge of the mat and the wall).
Tip: Always cut the edge of the mat, never the central butt join.

How to cut: Measure the size of the piece required and mark the mat according (measure twice, cut once). Using your straight edge and a sharp knife score along the measured marks. Once this is done lift and bend the mat for final cutting with the knife. Continue until you have fitted out the whole stable.
Tip: For awkward areas you can make up a template with newspaper before cutting the mat.

Bedding down: Once your mats are fitted put down a generous bed (shavings or another absorbent bedding tend to work better than straw). Gradually reduce your bedding over the first week until you reach a level where there is just enough bedding to soak up the wet.

Watch our videos: We have two short videos about cutting and fitting Equimats on our Facebook page @EquimatUK.