Fitting Stable
Wall Mats

How to measure
Mount your wall mats with the bottom of the mat approximately 5cm up from floor level.
Measure this height then mark the wall at this height all the way round the area to be covered.
How to fix
Hold the mat against the wall and secure with screws with washers on (usually using 14 screws per mat: 9 across the top, 3 along the bottom, 1 halfway down on the left, 1 halfway down on the right).
For brick or breeze block walls you will need to drill through the mats and insert wall plugs.
Do not overtighten the screws, but do ensure that they are pulling the mat tightly against the wall.
As you work around the stable, cut the mats to the desired size using a craft knife.
These mats can be fixed to the stable door, if necessary.
Check the wall mats regularly. If there are any signs of damage, replace them as required.