Product Reviews

Thank you to all the customers who have provided product reviews and testimonials and for allowing us to publish them on our website for others to read.


I’ve got Equimats in my stables, the horses love them, plus I only use half the bedding I did previously and it’s so easy to muck out and keep clean. They’ve been in well over a year now and still look like new - Janet Smith

'Still using our original Equimats, 20 years on!! That says it all.' – Antonia (18/07/2019)

'Got them. Love them. The best mats.' – Sheena (08/06/2019)

'I've had mine over 20 years. This is the second field shelter they've been in.' – Beryl (07/06/2019)

'Mine are 12 years old and still going strong. The ONLY mat I would recommend.' – Jade (10/05/2019)

'Love the lightweight, interlocking ones I bought recently. Make mucking out much easier.' – Wendy (10/05/2019)

'I have interlocking mats which must be at least 12 years old. Still going strong! No other mats for my horses!' – Sheila (10/05/2019)

'I love Equimat, I've had mine down 15 years and they're still immaculate.' – Lynn  (03/05/2019)

'Your mats are amazing! As they're lightweight it's so easy to take them when you travel, and we travel a lot. We like to give a horse something nice to lie on.' – Sharon  (03/05/2019)

'Best mats on the market. I've had mine, think it must be 20 years now and they're still going strong. They have been the best investment I've made in a stable.'Mary  (20/01/2019)

'The best mats, about to put my old ones from previous stables into my new stables. Had to take them with me - they're as good as new and I must have had them at least 15 years.' – Nicky (22/11/2018)

'Love mine! Had it for 8 years and it's still as fabulous as when I bought it. Highly recommend to anyone as it's so cushioned.' – Leanne (24/10/2018)

'I've had mine for years. I'm 73 and have no problem lifting and moving these mats on my own. Cannot recommend them enough, a great investment" - Carol (23/06/2018)

'Love these mats. Mine have been down in all my stables for almost 10yrs and still fantastic, despite the daily hammering from the horses!' – Sonja (23/06/2018)

'Mine have lasted well over ten years and I swear they still look new! Best mats ever. I had to convince my husband they were worth it at the time. Now he regularly tells me he’s so pleased we went with Equimats. I recommend you to everyone. Brilliant product. Well done guys!'  – Poppy (17/05/2018)

'I first bought these mats over 15 years ago. Have since fitted them in three brand new stables too. Completely recommend them!' – Anne (18/05/2018)

'Fab mats. Had mine for over 12 years. Bought some new ones a couple of years ago. Still the best mats out there.'
Kim (16/05/2018)

'Mine are 13 years old, been in many different stables and still in brilliant condition.'  – Linz (08/04/2018)

'I've had mine for many years. A few stable moves and still great. Highly recommended.' – Carol (06/04/2018)

'I love my mats! Still like new after nearly 2 years! Best mats I've seen!' – Karen (04/04/2018)

'Had my Equimats for years and they've lasted and are still fabulous! 15 years and I wouldn't be without them! Love them!'
– Carol (18/02/2018)

'Have been really pleased with mine. 5 star. It’s as good as the day it went down.' – Sarah (14/02/2018)

'Ours are 15 years old, they’re still in great condition! I would very highly recommend them and would buy the same again when needed! Congratulations on such a great product that has passed the test of time!' – Claire (05/02/2018)

'Mine are about 15 years old and still clean up like new, not worn at all. Would 100% recommend - they have paid for themselves times over!' – Becky (04/02/2018)

'Mine are about 20 years old and not been able to better them.' – Deleyse (03/02/2018)

'Mine are 16 years old and still the best thing I ever bought!' – Lydia (02/02/2018)

'Well worth the money. Mine must be getting on for 18 years old now!' - Liz (02/02/2018)

'Brilliant mats, I’ve had mine 6 years and bought from a friend who had bought them new 10 years before, real quality.'
Becky (02/02/2018

'Bought mine second hand 10 years ago and they’re still going strong! Love them! Can highly recommend them!'
Suzanne (02/02/2018)

'Mine are 12 years old and haven’t worn at all. I actually use my spares outside the field shelter where you would have thought they'd get damaged, and they are also showing no signs of wear.'
Helen (01/02/2018)

'Love my Equimats, 15 years old and still doing a great job. More than paid for themselves. I always recommend them to friends, it's so much better than the cheap rubber mats.' – Susie (01/02/2018)

'Love mine, still look like new, horses look relaxed lying on them with minimal bedding.'– Eldur (31/01/2018)

'Love mine, 15 years old and still like new - the best ever.' – Gemma (31/01/2018)

'My Equimats are 17 years old & still going strong!' – Jo (31/01/2018)