Safety, Comfort

& Protection

Equimat for safety, comfort, protection - and peace of mind

Our green interlocking floor mats provide excellent support for horses' hooves and limbs. The EVA+rubber compound and anti-slip surface helps horses get up and down in comfort - promoting rest, relaxation and recuperation.

Covering rough walls with textured matting can minimise the risk of injury. Wall mats absorb energy on impact and provide a decent grip.

Our mats are suitable for any floor or wall - in a stable, horsebox or trailer - so you can make your horse safer at home and on the move.

If your horse is prone to casting, or if you're worried that they might, anti-cast strips can lessen the risk and prevent the associated distress or injury. They create a leverage point for your horse to push against, so they can get up or reposition themselves to roll the other way.
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