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Keep your horse comfortable, warm and protected
The British Horse Society advises that 'rubber matting provides excellent support for the horse’s hooves and limbs, and minimises the risk of injury as it covers the concrete floor and provides better grip.' (

Get the best of both worlds
The green interlocking Equimat stable mats are made from a unique blend of rubber and ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) which gives them the durability of a rubber mat and the lightness of an EVA mat. We are the only company that makes stable matting using this concept and this compound.

Choose the right mat for your horse
The green interlocking Equimat stable mats are available in two thicknesses.

The 20mm Equimat Stable Mat is recommended for horses and ponies up to 16.3hh and up to 600kg.

The thicker 28mm Equimat Stable Mat is intended for larger, heavier or box-walking horses.

Save money on bedding materials
Stable matting is not a substitute for bedding. We recommend that customers use our stable floor mats in combination with a good layer of bedding material. You can reduce the amount of bedding you use by 30-50% which saves you money (and also means smaller muck heaps!)

Improve horse health

Less bedding means less dust, so you're creating a healthier environment for your horse.

Save money on vet bills
The EVA content in the green interlocking Equimat stable mats gives them a slight cushioning feel. This, and the anti-slip pattern on the top surface, enables horses to get up and down safely and comfortably. Protective wall mats and preventative anti-cast strips are available for horses prone to kicking or becoming cast. With fewer injuries caused by slipping, kicking or casting you can save money on vet bills.

Save time mucking out

A stable fitted with floor mats is easier to manage. Ours have an easy sweep, non-porous surface, so mucking out won’t be so much of a chore (and so you can spend more time riding!)

Lift your mats once or twice a year

The interlocking joins create a non-porous seal that makes it difficult for urine to seep through. We advise that you lift your stable floor mats a couple of times a year to hose them down underneath. A powerful multi-purpose outdoor cleaner (like Jeyes Fluid) is perfect to clean your stable with because it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Minimise that ammonia smell

Our stable floor mats have a free draining base that is achieved by a series of grooves and channels on the underside, so urine can drain away freely.

Advice for new customers

When installing your new stable floor mats, it's a good idea to use a full bed for the first few weeks after installation. This gives all the joins time to settle in, then you can reduce your bedding as much as you feel you can without creating a grooming issue. The less often you lift your mats, the better they work, as they tend to seal themselves together.

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